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Sea Service Unit Adoptions

The Navy League has long been recognized for its role as a supporter of U.S. Sea Service units and their families world-wide. One of our most important objectives is to improve the understanding of, and appreciation for, those who wear the uniforms of America’s Sea Services and to better the conditions under which they live. One way the Navy League accomplishes this objective is through the adoption and/or sponsorship of Sea Service units by Navy League Councils.

Sea Service units targeted for adoption by Navy League Councils include to varying extents: U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Ships, Shore Commands, and Aviation Units; Marine Corps units; NROTC units; NJROTC units; MCJROTC units; Sea Cadet units. The association between the Council and the Sea Service unit is most typically geographic (some locality) or via some namesake relationship (person, city, county, state, battlefield, body of water, etc.). But it can also be based on a personal relationship between a Council member and the unit or members of the unit.

After agreement among the unit, the adopting Council, local Sea Service leadership/Legal, and the Navy League organization (Area or Regional President), "adoption" normally consists of some form of formal ceremony initiating the adoption, then on-going mutually-beneficial interaction between the Council and the unit.

Typical support provided by the Council MAY include, depending on Council resources:

  1. - Recurring awards and recognition of the unit's Sailors/Marines/Cadets
  2. - Invitations to tour local businesses or civic institutions
  3. - Invitations to attend local sporting or entertainment events
  4. - Financial support to the unit's Recreation Committee or Spouse's Club
  5. - Financial support to the unit for specific ad hoc needs (e.g.; new flags for the color guard)
  6. - Planning, coordination, and possible funding of unit visits to namesake States or Cities, including community support activities
  7. - Unit member attendance at public events such as Armed Forces Day Galas, Veterans Day events, Memorial Day Services, Military Appreciation Day events, etc.
  8. - Educational scholarships to children of unit members
  9. - Donations to charitable organizations that support our troops in the unit's name
  10. - Visiting a ship when stopped outside of homeport
  11. - Hosting individual Sailors/Marines for major holiday meals when unable to return home for the holiday
  12. - Donating, or loaning for temporary display, iconic namesake items
  13. - Emergency support to families during deployments (subject to approval by the Sea Service's Legal Office)
  14. - Deployment packages, "goodie bags," or sundry items (such as holiday-decorated pillow cases)
  15. - Sponsoring unit athletic teams
  16. - Publicizing unit activities within Navy League or to the public
  17. - Spouse Recognition
  18. - Indirect support to unit member's children, such as providing materials and/or equipment to schools attended by the children of unit members

In some cases, the adopted unit is also able to provide meaningful outreach to the Navy League Council, such as:

- Unit tours or underway cruises
- Invitation to unit social events such as holiday parties, picnics, balls, or other ceremonies
- Direct access to the emblematic items sold by the unit's Recreation Committee
- Invitation to unit formal ceremonies such as Change of Command, Inactivation/Decommissioning, Awards/Advancement/Promotion Ceremonies, etc.
- Speak/present at Navy League meetings or functions
- Upon request, provide first-hand, non-voting Sea Service input and perspective at Navy League Council Board Meetings or other applicable venues

The list of adopted units can be found here.

Recognizing the good works of all the sea service units in the Savannah and Southeast Region is a major  goal of the  Savannah Navy  League.

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