Local Dues Payment Form Savannah Navy League

 Local Dues Payment Form Savannah Navy League

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 Pay with Check

Download form and fill out. Mail form and check for the total amount of contribution shown in the total payment  box. on the Dues Form.

Make check payable to Savannah Navy League

Mail to: Jeff Zureick/17 Lake Heron Court /Pooler, GA 31322-4041 

 Pay with PayPal

Use this method to pay dues only.

You can also add a special contribution but that's optional
Send the total amount of payment, dues plus contribution, shown in the total payment  box on the Dues Form to Navy League Treasurer  using the PayPal Donate button. (use any credit/debit card shown)


 Dues Notice for 2019 -  Local dues for the calendar year 2019 are $25.00 . Please complete the form below and submit your information. You can pay using PayPal or check. Remember, you have to be an active member of Navy League National to be a local member. Click here to join National.

If you prefer to pay by check download form fill out and and mail your check to :

 Jeff Zureick

 17 lake Heron  Court

  Pooler, GA 31322-4041

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Thanks for Your Support 

The Savannah Council of Navy League has over 225 active members and meets monthly the third Tuesday of the month at Carey Hilliard’s on the South Side.

Councils, such as Savannah adopt ships and /or submarines. Councils reward and honor enlisted personnel, host dinners and celebrations for military personnel and their families. Councils support spouses and families through teaming with Sea Service FRG’s (family readiness groups). Councils participate in Military ceremonies, ship commissioning and de-commissioning, ship and base tours, base open houses, etc. Navy League is a trusted civilian partner with the U.S. Sea Services – Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Membership for Navy League of the US (National) is as low as $25/year and Savannah Council Membership (Local)  is $25 /year.

Savannah Council is always looking for new members who can actively aid us in our mission by serving on our Board of Directors, running for many of our management offices, leading and help in organizing our many activities, bringing us new ideas and concepts and actively helping where needed. No prior military service is required to be a member of Navy League.