Benefits of Sponsorship

  • all 5 Savannah USCG units
  • Our adopted submarine USS Alaska (SSBN 732) at Kings Bay Submarine Base, GA
  • USMC Recruit Training Depot at Parris Island, SC
  • Our adopted LCS ships USS Little Rock (LCS 9) and USS Sioux City (LCS 11) at Mayport Naval Station, FL

3. Tours of ships and military

 Savannah has historically been a maritime community.  From its earliest days as an English colony right up to present day, Savannah’s port has been a significant engine of growth for the local area and now the entire Southeast.  The Navy League’s focus on the importance of the sea services to maritime commerce is very relevant to Savannah.

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4. Free memberships for  up to 4 employees

Savannah is home to five (5) separate Coast Guard units, that include over 750 active duty and dependents:

  • USCG Station Tybee
  • USCG Marine Safety Unit Savannah
  • USCG Air Station Savannah
  • USCG Aids to Navigation Unit
  • USCGC Cormorant (WPB 87319) 

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2. Invitation to Navy League eventsType

Savannah Council of the Navy League of the United States (Savannah Navy League) is a non-profit, all volunteer, U. S. civilian organization.  We are dedicated to supporting our local sea services: U. S. Navy, U. S. Marine Corps, U. S. Coast Guard, and U. S. Flag Merchant Marine.  We are a 501c3 Georgia State Corporation financially dependent on member dues and donations, and donations from patriotic businesses.  We receive NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING.
Key features of our support include:

  • Educating / advocating the public and our congress on the importance of strong and effective naval services to ensure the security and economic prosperity of our nation
  • Provide support to our active duty Sea Service personnel and their families
  • Support youth programs like high school NJROTC and the Naval Sea Cadet Program 

Council Activities:

Savannah Navy League conducts monthly meetings 10 months of the year on the third Tuesday of those months, usually featuring a military speaker.  We also organize trip visits to:

These trips enable us to visit face-to -face with active duty members of the various services, and to thank and congratulate them for their service to our country.  Trips usually involve awards to crew members, change of command ceremonies, family support functions and associated activities.

Savanah Navy League actively interfaces with our local Members of Congress and their staffs.  Our objective on these visits is to solicit their support for the sea services and for local maritime issues (e.g., Savannah Harbor Expansion Project).

USCG in Savannah

Savannah Navy League spearheaded recent (2017) efforts to have Savannah recognized as a Coast Guard Community.  Formal recognition of this status is expected to be granted by the U. S. Congress in Summer, 2018.

Savannah Navy League participated in quarterly award ceremonies at these units with presentations of selected books and gift catalogs.  We also provide Baby Bags to new Moms, and support holiday functions at Christmas, Halloween and other dates as requested.  Other support opportunities include Change of Command , promotions and retirement ceremonies. 

USS Alaska (SSBN 732) Activities

Savannah Navy League formally adopted USS Alaska in 2011.  USS Alaska (SSBN 732) is a ballistic missile submarine home ported at Kings Bay Submarine Base near St. Marys, GA.  She is manned by two crews (Blue and Gold) of about 135 men each.  She routinely departs on underwater patrols of 70 – 90 days, with the crews alternating between patrols.  She has completed over 100 strategic deterrent patrols, the most of any ballistic missile submarine in the world.

Savannah Navy League visits USS Alaska crews regularly to present Sailor of the Quarter / Year awards. We also arrange for these crews to march in the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade every year.  We actively support families of the crews with holiday parties, Single Sailor Bags, Baby Bags for new Moms, Date Nights in Savannah, and other activities.  We also attend Change of Command, promotion, and retirement ceremonies. 

Submarine Group 10 Activities

Starting in 2016, Savannah Navy League worked with Submarine Squadron 20 leadership to develop the annual Submariner Leadership Award Program.  All eight submarines based at Kings Bay participate.  This award is presented to two outstanding crew members selected by the Commanding Officer who may not normally be eligible for award recognition.  This includes Chiefs, Department Heads, and Junior Officers.  The award consists of an award presentation by the CO in front of the assembled crew, a framed certificate signed by the ship CO and Squadron CO, a special medal specific to this award, and invitation to an award reception at a local country club with spouse / significant other, hosted by Savannah Navy League.

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Activities

Savannah Navy League officially adopted two LCS ships in 2015: USS Little Rock (LCS 9) and USS Sioux City (LCS 11), both home ported at Mayport Naval Station near Jacksonville, FL.  This class of ships is the newest in the Navy fleet.  They are fast (50+ mph) shallow draft (14 ft) vessels capable of various missions in areas of the sea too shallow for traditional ships (destroyers, frigates, etc.).

Savannah Navy League visits these LCS crews regularly to present Sailor of the Quarter / Year awards. We also arrange for these crews to march in the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade every year.  We actively support families of the crews with holiday parties, Baby Bags for new Moms, and other activities.  We also attend Change of Command, promotion, and retirement ceremonies. 

USMC Parris Island, SC Activities

Savannah Navy League has an established recognition program for Drill Instructors at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC.  Each quarter, awards are presented to a selected Drill Instructor of the Quarter, and a Senior Drill Instructor of the Quarter.  The awards consist of a book and gift catalog.  We are currently planning with USMC leadership to expand this award program to other areas at MCRD. 

Youth Support Activities

  • Jenkins High School NJROTC
  • Johnson High School NJROTC
  • South Effingham High School NJROTC / MCJROTC
  • Savannah Naval Sea Cadets
  • Savannah State University NROTC

Savannah Navy League actively supports three high school NJROTC programs in the Savannah area. Support includes annual presentation of Navy League Youth Medals to selected cadets at each school, and one summer camp scholarship for a cadet in need of assistance.  We also invite cadets from these schools to present The Colors at our meetings and to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the annual Pearl Harbor Commemoration.

Savannah Navy League also assists the Savannah Naval Sea Cadets as requested.  We invite these cadets to participate in the annual USCG Family Night Baseball / BBQ at Savannah Banana’s and the annual Pearl Harbor Commemoration.

We support the NROTC program at Savannah State University.  Council members attend the Spring Review and the Navy / Marine Annual Ball.  We assist the unit with expenses associated with Spring Review and periodically with their sailing program.  Award presentations are made to selected cadets at the Spring Review. 

Savannah Council Family Support Activities

Savannah Navy League organizes multiple activities during the year to support active duty Sailors and Marines and their families.  These include:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Coast Guard Night at Savannah Banana’s Ballgame / Dinner
  • Holiday Parties
  • Baby Bags
  • Single Sailor Bags
  • Family tours of USCG Air Station
  • Toys for Tots

Thanksgiving Dinner for Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard families at the USCG Air Station on HAAF.  This typically draws 120 – 160 family members to enjoy a free Thanksgiving Dinner among other service families who may not be near home.

Every summer Savannah Navy League organizes a Coast Guard Night at the Savannah Banana’s, including food and drink plus attendance at the ballgame.  This is scheduled close or during Coast Guard Birthday Week.  Typically, over 200 USCG crew and dependents attend.

Savannah Navy League assists in organizing and supporting children’s holiday parties throughout the year.  The Christmas party at USCG Air Station Savannah is a hit when Santa flies in from the North Pole.  For many years Santa has been a SNL member in full Santa suit.  We support the Halloween Trunk or Treat event at Kings Bay each year with decorations and treats for the hobgoblins.  Easter Egg Hunts are another event at various locations.

More than 40 Baby Bags are distributed each year to New Moms at the USCG units, Kings Bay and Mayport.  These bags include baby wipes, diapers, a stuffed bear wearing a SNL vest, and other treats for the Mom.

Council members bring articles for Single Sailor Bags to monthly meetings.  These articles are then transferred to Kings Bay family support groups to bundle into bags for the single sailors on USS Alaska.  These bags of treats are distributed aboard the sub about the halfway point of each patrol when the married sailors get treats from their families.  The single sailors are reminded that Savannah Navy League cares for them.

Savannah Council has a record of arranging family visits from Kings Bay to the Coast Guard Air Station at HAAF for Navy families whose sailors are at sea.  Everyone - kids and adults – enjoy getting up close to the helicopters and the Coast Guard station.

Starting in November each year, Savannah Council starts collecting toys for the USMC Toys for Tots Program.  Trunk loads of toys are delivered to the Marines at the annual Council Christmas Party. 

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