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The Navy League is a civilian organization dedicated to the support of the sea services. Pay local dues here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us using this convenient email form. You will receive a prompt reply. more>

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          Voice to Congress
The Navy League is the voice of the Sea Services on Capitol Hill.  The Sea Services depend on Navy League members to tell their story to our Congressional leaders.

The Savannah Navy League is the local chapter of the National Navy League of the United States. The mission of the Navy League is to support the sea services.  more>

We need you to tell this story.  Make your voice heard.  Tell your Member of Congress and your Senators you support the Sea Services. To take action on one of our issues  go to the following site.  It's  easy to do with this Voice To Congress tool


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See list of up coming events and activities. We offer many opportunities to get together with others  interested in the sea services.

Next Dinner Meeting

Tuesday, June 19th,

 5:45 PM

at Carey Hilliard's on Abercorn

Speaker: Rear Admiral Michael P. Holland Commander, Submarine Group 10    read more


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